"A Service You Can Count On For Home Health Care"



There really is no place like home! This is especially true when recovering from an injury or illness.

Alpha Plus Home Health Services provides an alternative for those who are well enough to go home, but are still in need of medical care.

Our home health care team delivers a full range of quality home health services for those who need assistance at home, despite their physical or emotional need, age, illness or disability.

We provide medically-directed, licensed, trained and experienced staff to work with the patient and his/her support system, as well as the patient's primary provider to ensure an effective plan of care in providing optimum quality care.


Alpha Plus Home Health Services (APHHS) will continually strive for excellence in delivery of home care services to our patients, with the goal of achieving and maintaining the highest possible level of health and independence within home environment.


APHHS offers services that include:

  • Comprehensive Patient Care
  • Professional Nursing Care
  • Fully Coordinated Therapies


Included in these general care categories are specifics such as:

    • Disease Processes
    • Complications
    • Response to Treatment
    • Home Safety


    • Post-Surgical Care
    • Decubitus and Wound Care
    • Ostomy Care
    • Injections
    • Catheter Care
    • Geriatric Care
    • Pain Management
    • Tracheotomy Care
    • Diabetic Management
    • Venipuncture/Lab Draws


    • New Diabetic Instruction
    • New Medication Instruction
    • Disease Processes/Exacerbations
    • Home Safety
    • Nebulizer


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